Why Do Sequels Suck? Comparing and Contrasting the Good, the Bad and the Barftastic

Having just released a sequel, I found this very interesting….

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Picture this. A great movie is released to critical acclaim. It dominates the box office and leaves audiences clamoring for more.  Giddy with their own success, creators comply, announcing that the next chapter is on its way. A sequel: more of what you loved—bigger, better, faster and stronger.

But somewhere along the way, something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

The road to hell seems to be paved with sequels. These books and films have the tendency to fall short of the originals or sometimes fall entirely off the map.The worst ones not only leave a sour taste in your mouth, but can actually diminish their predecessors just by association.

The obvious motivator behind sequels is money, but even if we assume every sequel ever made was concocted for purely mercenary reasons, it still can’t explain why so many are so God-awful. And it doesn’t explain why there are some…

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