Review: Wicked Games by Kelly Lawrence

A year after publication; here’s one of the first reviews of ‘Wicked Games’ by the lovely Paige Matthews.

Paige Matthews

I had Ms. Lawrence on the Author Showcase about a week or so ago, maybe two promoting her new book Wicked Games. Here is my review I owe her!


Wicked Games by Kelly Lawrence

Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Book Description:A red-hot account of how an everyday woman is seduced into a thrilling sub/dom relationship. This is true-life erotic romance at its best.

“Looking back, I think I knew I was in trouble the first time I met him. The road he took me down was at once both more liberating than I could have dreamed of, and yet more intense than I could cope with. If the path of love doesn’t always run smooth… then how much more crooked it becomes when mixed with raw desire.”

This is no novel, but the memoir of an intense, exciting and at times unsettling relationship. Alex, for all his charms…

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