RELEASED; The Rake of Glendir, a steamy Regency romance for Mills and Boon


Released today, my third historical steamy romance for Mills and Boon is set in the fictional Scottish town of Glendir in the Regency period. Although both Glendir and the heroines hide-out, Trevan House, are fictional, they were inspired by the town of Eyemouth and one of it’s main attractions, Gunsgreen House.

Eyemouth is a harbour town on the Scottish border and was a notorious smuggling port in Regency times, something I put to good use in Jasper and Amelias story. With it’s windswept moors and beautiful beaches it made the perfect setting for a forbidden romance.


Gunsgreen House also has links to the areas smuggling stories; it was built in 1753 by notorious smuggler John Nesbit and contains many secret passages and hiding places. Although not quite so grand, Amelia’s Trevan House becomes a dangerous refuge when it is coveted by a dangerous man intent on exploiting the areas ports and harbours for a more sinister use than sneaking in a few crates of contraband. But that’s not the only danger my heroine has to contend with…

Lord Jasper Gendir isn’t quite your usual Regency gentleman. He’s a Scotsman, with a wild side and more than a few dark secrets. The perfect rogue in fact to give the gently bred Amelia Hedburn a taste of the freedom and passion she desires. Amelia turns up in Glendir with a few secrets of her own, which Jasper quickly sets about trying to uncover… I had great fun creating these characters and getting under their skin, and have to say that Jasper is my favourite hero so far! I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did.



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