New; First-Day Fiction – FREE Erotic Short Story

imagesBefore I was lucky enough to get a contract for  ‘Wicked Games’ I started off writing sexy short stories for various anthologies, small erotica presses and Peaches Magazine.

Last year I published a few of these in a little volume called Sinful Stories, and I’ve now decided that on the first of every month I’m going to post a short story for my lovely readers; some old, some new. The story for May is ‘A Different Type of Demon’. Enjoy!!!




A Different Type of Demon

Leandra glanced at the bubbling cauldron in front of her, checked that her protection wards were firm and took a deep breath. If she couldn’t master the art of demon summoning before next week’s Finals she would never pass her Advanced Witching Degree and would be consigned to a 9 to 5 making love spells or herbal pick-me-ups. She was determined this time to get it right, after previous attempts had resulted in nothing more than a headache.

It would help of course if her textbook wasn’t so charred and grubby with ash stains that she could barely make out the ancient script. It was important to get the words right. There was that story about the witch who had got her pronunciation wrong and ended up summoning Lucifer himself. Exactly how that meeting went no-one knew as all that had remained of the witch was a small pile of ash. The story could well just be an urban myth, but Leandra wasn’t taking any chances. She kept her eyes on the page as she recited the Summoning Charm, stepping back so that the now boiling water didn’t splash onto her naked skin. Although she would wear a robe to the exam, it was traditional for a witch to work nude, and as she was only summoning a low-level Irritation Goblin, it was unlikely to care about her lack of clothing.

Yet the amount of heat and steam that suddenly rose from the pot as she finished the Charm were a lot more than she had expected. Coughing and wiping her eyes Leandra looked up to see a large, man shaped creature rising from the cauldron, bearing no relation to the picture in her book. The steam cleared, revealing a naked demon who looked every inch a man. Only the golden sheen to his skin and the blood red colour of his hair showing he was a supernatural. That and the fact Leandra had never seen a human male so beautifully well made. Or well hung.

Leandra realised she was staring and blushed; even more so when the demon’s eyes travelled her own body, his gaze lingering on her breasts and lips, flushed and damp from the heat, before finally meeting her eyes.

He looked almost relieved. ‘You’re beautiful,’ he said.

Er, thank you.’ Leandra looked down at her book and flipped through a few pages, completely bemused. Nope, nothing about six foot tall demons with thighs like tree trunks and adorably tousled hair.

It seems almost a shame to send you back,’ she mused, and the demon looked surprised.

Send me back? You mean, of course, after we have sex?’

Leandra promptly dropped the book and covered her breasts with her hands, suddenly acutely aware of her own nakedness.

Do what? I was just practicing, I have an exam next week. Exactly what type of demon are you? I was expecting a Goblin.’

At that the man looked affronted, then amused.

Well, I’m not a Goblin. I’m a very different type of demon, in fact. A Lust Demon,’ he clarified, and Leandra’s eyes went wide as he stepped out of the cauldron. The steaming water dripped off his taut thighs, his cock rising as he moved towards her. Leandra was rooted to the spot, her mouth dry as she felt the heat coming from his body, mirroring the warmth rising in her pelvis. Lust Demon indeed.

I’m yours now,’ he explained, stopping just a few inches away, ‘until you formally Release me, you and only you can Summon me whenever you wish, and request that I pleasure you.’

I see.’ Oh my, she thought, licking dry lips. Her hands floated down to her sides and his gaze went to her breasts, eyes darkening with desire. It had been too long she realised since her last sexual relationship.

What’s your name?’ she asked, her voice coming out as a husky whisper. The demon bent down to kiss her, pulling her towards him. His skin was warmer than any human’s would be, and his fingertips left burning trails down her back and across her butt cheeks as his hands roamed her body.

Styxx,’ he murmured, leaving her mouth to lay a path of butterfly kisses down her neck.

Leandra, pleased to meet you,’ she managed to gasp as he claimed her mouth again. His tongue darted between her lips and she had a moment’s relief that it wasn’t forked. It was however more pointed than a man’s and the thought of how it would feel on her clit sent her over the edge. Moaning with abandon she gripped a handful of his hair and pushed her body into his, standing on tiptoe. In a fluid movement he lifted her off the ground, his hands cupping her ass, as if she weighed nothing. Wrapping her legs around him Leandra felt his cock pressing against her wetness and moaned again. He felt hotter there too and she was suddenly desperate to know how he would feel inside her, but instead the demon carried her over to the bed and laid her down carefully. He parted her legs, looking at her as if her body were a feast. One he intended to enjoy every inch of.

He lowered himself over her, his mouth going to her breasts, a hand slipping between her legs, and Leandra buried a hand in his hair and closed her eyes, giving herself over to the delicious feelings snaking through her body. He circled one nipple with that hot, pointed tongue then sucked it sharply into his mouth as expert fingers found her sweet spot and stroked her gently. His touch was perfect, and she bucked against his hands and mouth, arching her back like a cat.

Styxx knelt between her legs, his thumb circling her clit now while he dipped fingers inside her. Leandra reached for his cock, felt the hot weight of him in her hand, but when she went to sit up, intending to take him in her mouth, he gently pushed her back down.

Relax. I’m here to please you, remember.’ His voice was almost a growl, his desire obvious, yet he lowered himself between her legs and tasted her slowly, his tongue darting around and over her clit until she thought she would scream with the joy of it.

She did scream, when he buried three fingers inside her and sucked on her just as her orgasm crested, so that she writhed under him and let go, abandoning herself to her climax. He kept his mouth on her until she finished, then came up and kissed her with a surprising tenderness. She could taste her own juices on his lips.

Was that satisfactory?’ he asked her, completely serious. Leandra giggled.

Yes, totally.’

Styxx smiled. ‘Is there anything else you require of me?’

Opening her legs wider and wrapping them around his waist, Leandra pushed his groin to meet hers with her thighs.

I want you inside me,’ she whispered, and he moved, his body entering hers in one fast and deep stroke that nearly sent her over the edge again. She moved with him, her hands clutching at his ass cheeks, feeling his muscles tighten and flex as he plunged in and out of her. The heat from his cock seemed to fill her own body, turning her into liquid heat from the inside out. When she came again it went on longer than she thought possible, until she was a quivering, boneless mess in his arms, moaning softly as his whole body tightened and he nipped at her neck, climaxing himself with a low growl.

They lay unspeaking as the afterglow died down, then she rolled back into his arms and smiled.

That was very satisfactory,’ she said, grinning as he flushed at her approval. Talk about an understatement, she thought as her hands moved idly down his body. As soon as she reached his hips his cock sprang into her grasp. She raised an eyebrow at him.


Styxx shrugged.

I’m ready anytime you are.’

In that case,’ she said as she straddled him, easing herself carefully on to his length, still tender from her orgasms, ‘let’s make the most of that shall we?’

A week later, Leandra stood in front of the standard issue cauldron, observed silently by the Board of Examiners, and smiled as she finished her incantation. The Examiners, who usually remained expressionless, nodded in approval as the muscular form of Styxx appeared through the steam. He looked over at the board and gave a cordial bow.

Show off,’ she murmured. Styxx winked at her.

Later?’ he mouthed as she began the chant to send him back.

Later,’ she nodded, watching him fade away. Styxx had stayed with her all week, yet she could barely wait to Summon him again that night. She might not have got the demon she had expected, she thought as the waters cleared, but she had certainly been given the one she needed.






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