Sexting – Don’t Do It!



‘Sexting’ refers to sending naughty messages via text and more specifically, nude selfies. Bags of fun if you’re an adult in a settled sexual relationship, but in fact its teenage girls that are more likely to indulge in this, often under pressure from a guy.

Bad, bad idea. Would you really trust a horny seventeen year old to NOT show his friends? And what about when you break up?

That’s the dilemma facing my main characters best friend, Dannii, in my first YA novel ‘Unconditional’. It occurred to me when I started writing this that although teenage girls today are facing the same relationship, emotional and moral dilemmas me and my friends were thirteen years ago, the technology is a lot different. I wanted to address up-to-date issues, so ‘sexting’ made it’s way into my story. Although Dannii is, as you will see, a bit of a bitch, I couldn’t help feeling for her about this. While doing my research I realised sexting is a bigger and more common problem than I had thought. It can even be dangerous – 18 yr old Jessica Logan from Texas committed suicide after being bullied and called a slut by the hundreds of people who saw the nude pic she sent to one boy she mistakenly¬†trusted.

If you’re under eighteen, or receiving pics from under-eighteen, it’s also illegal. In the US, it’s a matter for the FBI.

The easy answer to all this – don’t send that picture!!! If a guy is decent and honourable and treats you right, then he’ll probably get to see the real thing.

Mental images only…



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