The Pitfalls of Dating a Police Officer

DurablePoliceUniform_zps2443f44eI’m currently working on ‘Sins of the Children’ as part of a two-book deal for Harlequin Carina, a project I’m very excited about. It’s a diversion from my usual fare of historical/erotic romance, but it was one of those stories that gnawed at me until I gave in and sat down to write it. A crime/suspense novel dealing with the aftermath of a child killer being released from prison, I was inspired by the recent release – and re-arrests – of Jon Venables, one of the killers in a high-profile case of a child killed by children that most of us will sadly be familiar with.

‘Sins’ deals with the effects the killers release has on the family of the victim and on the local community and deals with some hard-hitting topics. However, fans of my other work will be pleased to learn there’s still a touch of romance in there! In fact, when my main character Lucy finally gets it on with DI Matt Winston, previously the investigating officer in her son’s murder eight years ago, it sets in motion a series of events that will have life or death consequences…

Lucy and Matt’s relationship is fraught with obstacles that go beyond the fact that he is an officer of the law, but nevertheless it got me thinking about that as a topic. Even without the extra complications Lucy and Matt face, dating a police officer must surely com with it’s own set of pitfalls. As much as we all love a man in uniform, there’s the long hours, the commitment to the job and the effect that dealing with harrowing events day in and day out must surely have on the psyche.

Yet nevertheless a police officer/detective remains high on the list of fantasy boyfriends. Maybe it’s that ‘good guy’ image, the hero thing. Maybe it’s the air of authority and status they carry. Maybe it’s just the handcuffs…

There’s even an organisation for those who have gone beyond dating their officers and decided to keep them. The National Police Wives Association have a brilliant blog on which I found some fascinating dos and don’ts for dating an officer of the law…

In ‘Sins of the Children’ when Matt’s chief becomes aware of his relationship with Lucy, he gets chewed out about it, even though he hasn’t technically done anything wrong. I was concerned about whether a relationship between a DI and the mother of a victim from a previous case would be morally and ethically workable, but it appears there is no law against it. In fact in a recent news story police officers were being reprimanded for having affairs with suspects.

The appeal of the law upholding policeman then is clearly still a popular one, even if in real life it may not always be an easy ride…


2 thoughts on “The Pitfalls of Dating a Police Officer

  1. With this one I’ve had to try and be as realistic as possible, but I think we all tell ourselves stories about romance whether they’re fictional or real life – hence why our lovers suddenly seem like completely different people to the ones we fell for when we take the rose-tinted glasses off!

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